Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement Services in Seattle

Electrical panels are found in every home in Seattle, and they consist of metal boxes full of fuses or breakers. The panel is the heart of a home’s electrical system and distributes power throughout the structure. When there are problems with the electrical panel, the damage can be costly and devastating, but working with a reliable electrician provides valuable peace of mind. The Blessed Electrical Services Team is here to help. Call or click to schedule an appointment today.

Signs of Electrical Panel Damage

Also known as a breaker box, an electrical panel is connected to the power line that runs to the home. From there, power is routed to outlets, light switches, overhead lights, and numerous devices. Like all other components, electrical panels need occasional replacement or repairs, and it’s important to work with a skilled electrician to handle those repairs. Some of the most common signs of the need for Electrical Panel Repair in Seattle, WA include:

  • Burning smells
  • Flickering lights
  • Higher utility bills
  • Tripping breakers
  • Areas that feel warm or hot
  • Visible burn marks
  • Inconsistent power

While some of these problems are easily resolved, others are harder to correct without replacing the entire panel. Upgrading to a larger capacity panel will cut some energy spending and make the entire home safer by reducing the risk of electrical fires. Call today to learn about our panel repair and upgrade services.

Reasons for Repair

Home electrical panel problems manifest themselves in various ways. Most homeowners experience non-functional light switches and outlets, appliances that don’t work, and other irritations that can be traced back to the panel. If, during a routine panel inspection, you notice any of the following problems, give us a call right away.

  • Corrosion. If the panel is exposed to moisture, rust and corrosion may occur. When there’s visible corrosion on an electrical panel, contact us for a no-obligation professional evaluation.
  • Double-tapped circuit breakers. When there are multiple wires attached to one breaker, it’s called double-tapping. This problem requires professional intervention, as it may weaken wiring and increase the risk of an electrical fire.
  • Breaker overcrowding. When a panel becomes too crowded to accommodate new connections, it can create big problems. Our licensed electricians can install new panels with plenty of room for new breakers.

Blessed Electrical Services Team is proud to give Seattle’s homeowners the electrical services they need to stay safe and comfortable. As a Black-owned business, we are honored to provide superior customer service and quality products. If you need a licensed electrician to perform an electrical panel repair in Seattle, WA, we’re here to help. Call or click today.

Common Repairs

While damaged fuse boxes and electrical panels typically must be replaced, they can be repaired in some instances. Our electricians can:

  • Replace broken, overcrowded, and unlisted breakers
  • Separate neutrals and grounds
  • Tighten loose connections
  • Clean corroded wiring and junctions
  • Cover unused openings
  • Install bushings and connectors to reduce the risk of short circuits

Our electrical panel repair services will keep your home safe while providing plenty of power for appliances, electronics, and much more. Get in touch with us today to find out how our team of electricians in Seattle, WA, can make your day a little brighter!

Home Electrical Panel Replacement Services in Seattle

Ensuring that a home’s electrical panel can handle a family’s electrical demands optimally and safely is essential. Today’s panels meet the strictest quality and safety standards, and a panel replacement will bring a home up to current codes. There are numerous reasons to upgrade your home’s electrical panel, including:

  • Adding more circuits. Overloading old circuits to accommodate new demands increases the risk of fire, short circuits, and electrical shock. If there’s no space for more circuits in an existing panel, we can install a new breaker box that can handle the load.
  • Upgrading from fuses to resettable breakers. Old, outdated fuse boxes are a real hassle, and they lack the safety features found in today’s circuit breaker boxes. Along with being safer, these new breakers are easy to reset when they do trip.

Ensuring that home electrical panels can stand up to constant usage is essential to their function and safety. The professionals at Best Electrical Services Team will assess your power needs and provide trustworthy, convenient service. Call today to book an appointment for an electrical panel replacement in Seattle, WA.

When You Need The B.E.S.T, Think Blessed

Whether you’re remodeling a home or building from the ground up, the installation of new, code-compliant electrical panels will ensure your family’s continued safety. Call, click, or email us today to learn more about our electrical panel repair and replacement services in Seattle. and we’ll make sure you have a Blessed day.