EV Charger Installation Services in Seattle

Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles were rare in the past. These days, they’re a common sight on Seattle’s roads. These efficient and economical vehicles save drivers money while simultaneously reducing the environmental burden of personal transportation, so the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) represents a serious step forward for environmentally conscious drivers.

New EV owners often think that the best way to save time and money on charging their vehicles is to plug them right into a regular house outlet. There are better options. Read on to find out what EV owners need to know about Electric Car Charger Installation in Seattle, WA.

Types of EV Chargers

Before calling Electricians in Seattle, WA, to have their new EV chargers installed, drivers need to do a little research. The first thing to recognize is that there are three tiers of EV chargers. 

Level One Chargers

Level one chargers are the ones that come standard with new electric vehicles. They’re designed to use standard outlets, which makes them easy to install but hard to use. Even plugging in the vehicle overnight might not leave it fully charged because these devices are so slow.

Level Two Chargers

Level two chargers require dedicated 240-volt circuits, which means they must be installed by qualified EV electricians. Once installed, level two chargers can add around 70 miles to a standard EV’s range each hour. Level two chargers are currently the most popular option for residential properties and are a must for anyone who plans to commute a long distance every day.

Level Three Chargers

Level three chargers recharge EV batteries incredibly fast. It’s these types of chargers that are usually found in public charging stations. Unfortunately, they’re not generally approved for home use because they require an industrial power supply.

The Benefits of Installing a Dedicated Circuit for EV Charging

Some drivers may be wondering whether it’s worth going through the hassle of upgrading to a level two EV charger. As long as they own their home instead of renting, the benefits generally outweigh the minor drawback of having to pay an electrician to install a dedicated 240-volt circuit. These benefits include the following.

Greater Convenience

Finding a public charging station can be a hassle. They’re relatively common in Seattle, but that doesn’t mean locating one is as simple as finding a gas station. Drivers often need to go out of their way to find places to fast-charge their cars, adding time to their commutes.

Installing a dedicated level two EV charger at home can eliminate the need for using public charging stations for most drivers. Unless they are going on longer trips, EV owners don’t typically need to worry about finding public charging stations once they have a dedicated charger at home.

Faster Charging

One of the reasons some drivers utilize public charging stations is that they are unable to get a sufficient charge for their EV batteries using standard, level one chargers. Upgrading to a level two charger makes it easy to maximize the vehicle’s range even if drivers only have a few hours to spare.

Cost Effective

Generally speaking, it costs less to charge an EV at home than it does to use public charging stations. While it’s true that it will increase the electric bill, the cost of the added power use will be negligible in comparison to what it costs to keep EVs charged using public charging stations.

Increased Property Value

Because electric vehicles are becoming more popular every year, the chances of home buyers needing to accommodate their EVs are also rising. Current homeowners who install EV chargers can expect to see a good return on investment in the form of increased property values as a result.

Where to Install the Charger

If the home has a garage, that’s usually the best place to have an EV charger installed. The good thing about level two chargers is that some models don’t need to use indoor outlets. Homeowners who park their cars in driveways, or even on the street, can install their charging stations outdoors for maximum convenience.

Work With the B.E.S.T

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