Electrical Troubleshooting and Electrical Repairs in Seattle

Modern families rely on electricity for just about everything they do at home. Electricity charges phones and laptops, powers major appliances, and even runs the various pumps and heaters required to get hot water where it needs to go. As a result, residential electrical systems can be quite complicated.

Some electrical problems are relatively simple. They affect individual outlets or fixtures and can be identified and repaired easily by professional electricians. Other electrical issues are more complicated and involve hidden wiring or entire electrical circuits. No matter what’s wrong with a home’s electrical system, expert Electricians in Seattle, WA, will be able to identify the problem and provide repair services.

Common Electrical Issues

There are a lot of things that go wrong with residential electrical systems, but some issues come up more frequently than others. Because electrical problems often occur in hard-to-reach places, homeowners need to learn how to identify signs of trouble. Knowing what could be wrong is the first step toward getting the power back online.

1. Circuit Breaker Problems

Circuit breakers provide a first line of defense against overloads and short-circuits. They work by interrupting the flow of electrical current when faults are detected. While occasional circuit breaker trips are usually nothing to worry about, homeowners shouldn’t have to be heading to their breaker boxes to reset circuits all the time.

Frequently tripped circuit breakers are always a sign of underlying electrical issues. In many cases, the problem is as simple as having too many devices running on the same circuit at one time. However, circuit breaker problems can also indicate bad wiring, ground faults, and a range of other complex issues that require professional Electrical Repair in Seattle, WA.

2. Surges, Sags, and Dips in Electricity

Power surges occur when there’s a  voltage spike, which increases the electrical current to a home’s outlets and fixtures. It may be counterintuitive, but electrical surges are directly related to dips and sags in power. The primary difference is that sags and dips cause what some people refer to as “brown-outs.” The most noticeable effect of this drop in electrical voltage is lights that grow dim and then regain their brightness.

The most common cause of electrical dips and sags is major appliances overloading the circuit. Power surges, on the other hand, are often caused by lightning strikes and damage to municipal power lines. Both of these common problems can damage sensitive electronics, so if they come up repeatedly, it’s always best to call an electrician.

3. Dead Outlets

Modern families use a lot of electrical devices, and all of them need to be charged using the home’s outlets. Having one or more dead outlets can make it impossible to get everything charged. It can also tempt families to rely too heavily on extension cords and plug adapters, causing frequent power surges and increasing the household’s risk of electrical fires.

Two main problems cause dead outlets:

  1. Burn-outs
  2. Faulty wiring

Both of these problems indicate that it’s time to call an electrician for outlet repair.

Other Common Warning Signs

The three issues described above are the most common types of electrical problems, but what about other major electrical malfunctions? Homeowners can keep an eye out for warning signs of serious problems and then rely on professional electricians to troubleshoot and repair them. Common warning signs of dangerous electrical issues include:

  • Hot outlets and switch cover plates
  • Flickering lights
  • The presence of outdated aluminum wiring
  • Burning smells
  • Ungrounded fixtures and electrical shocks
  • Loose outlets
  • Fake Underwriters Laboratory stickers
  • Messy wiring
  • Rodent activity

Homeowners who notice any of these problems should call an electrician right away. Some of them can lead to dangerous situations if not addressed promptly. 

Emergency Electrical Repairs

For issues like power outages and breakers that won’t stop tripping, emergency electrical services can provide immediate relief. Just keep in mind that emergency services usually cost more than scheduling electrical troubleshooting and repairs in advance, so it’s best to reserve them for serious, time-sensitive problems.

It’s best to work with the same electrical company for both ordinary repairs and emergency services. Find a local electrician that offers both so it’s clear who to call when something goes wrong.

Ask the B.E.S.T

Even homeowners who can perform basic Electrical Troubleshooting in Seattle, WA need to work with professional electricians to get the repair services they need. The good news is that the Blessed Electrical Service Team is here to help. We have years of experience, so there’s nothing our expert electricians haven’t seen. Call (206) 833-9607 to schedule electrical troubleshooting and let us help you have a Blessed day.